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It is no secret that internal culture of our company goes outside usual framework.

We can be really unpredictable, but it never affects the quality of our work.

SBA is a young team that is constantly growing and developing. It consists of employees in the 20-28 age group. Due to the small difference in age, it turns out that we all speak the same language :). Of course, this is only one of the reasons why we all easily communicate and understand each other: we pursue the same goals, we have similar qualities - purposefulness, mercuriality, clarity of thoughts. In view of all the above, we always need "new blood" and "adamant brain" :) If you have never identified yourself with epithets above - do not worry: we also need shy, pragmatic figures! :) In our work, the main thing you must learn is the absence of any framework and conventions, generally accepted stereotypes.

Also, it is important to note that we select employees according to the principle "first "who", then "what". That means that if you are a bright, extraordinary person who can bring novelty and creativity to our company, so at first you will be hired and just then we will find a work for you, we can even open a whole department :). There are no barriers on way to the goal for us!

SBA works according to the European standards, which we also implement into the internal policy of the company. Let us say, getting our jobs, you also get carte blanche in actions to implement your tasks. For example, in the second month of the company's existence, when only three people worked in it, one of them, Vadim Bielomar (the general manager) selected employees at his own pleasure. That is, the company shows its confidence in you, and also provides a free hand in the realization of targets.

We don't forbid to make personal calls (moderately, of course) or to drink tea, outside the time allotted for this. But at the same time, each employee remembers the task assigned to him, and strives for its implementation, trying to maximally improve the final result and accelerate the time. The latter is not required, our employees have it on an intuitive level.

It should be noted that our employee must have internal self-control and responsibility for all his actions, desire to earn and make maximum efforts for that, in spite of such freedom. When you are doing your direct job, no one is behind you and not controling you but we regularly hold meetings and briefings where everyone makes creative activity report and shares his successes and failures. You can invent and create new work approaches, find new useful sources of information, provide bright idea- guaranteedly get great bonus. If you really want to work in SBA, but live in another city- not a big deal, because we are the International Booking Agency, and we can cooperate with you remotely. In addition, maybe already tomorrow we will open a branch office in your city!

In conclusion, I want to say that the pace of development of the company is growing every day, so every member of the team also has to nurture yourself and your skills daily. If someone has lagged behind or stopped, it immediately hits the eye - such person can not work in the SBA anymore. Each of us should strive for excellence in everything.
The main selection criterion for us is to see in your eyes desire to develop and earn. If you already have ideas for further development of the company's work, useful information or something else interesting - Definitely call or come to visit us! Do not wait for a suitable job - make us to be interested in you and we will come up with the position of your dream only for you :)

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