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This Privacy Policy is applicable to www.sba.world only. Before viewing this site, be sure to read the text containing the Privacy Policy of the site being used. If you disagree with this Privacy Policy, stop using this Site.

By filling out any of the forms and using www.sba.world, you hereby agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy set forth below. The site protects the user's privacy.



In order to provide services, answer questions, fulfill your wishes and requirements, we need information such as your full name, date of birth and phone number.

The site www.sba.world can use this information to respond to inquiries, as well as to contact you by phone to provide information about the services and advertising campaigns offered. When we receive a request in any form from you filled out on the site www.sba.world may need to contact you for more information that is necessary for your service and answer the questions of interest. 
The site www.sba.world undertakes not to transfer this information to third parties without your permission, with the exception of information required for Performance of your service. For your part, you grant the right to www.sba.world to use any information you provide to perform the above actions.



Transfer of personal data in any form (personally, by phone or over the Internet) is always associated with a certain risk, since there are no absolutely reliable (protected from malicious encroachments) systems, however www.sba.world takes the necessary adequate measures to minimize the risk and prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized use and misrepresentation of your personal data.



The site www.sba.world does not accept any information from persons under the age of 18 without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. In addition, persons under the age of 18 cannot make any purchases or other legal actions on this Site without the consent of the parents or legal guardians, if this is not permitted by the legislation of Ukraine.



The site www.sba.world has the right to change this Privacy Policy, modify and correct the terms of access or deny access to the site, and to change its content at any time without prior notice. 




Terms and conditions of use of the site

The following rules represent the Agreement between Successful Booking Agency LLC (hereinafter the Company) and the User of Web-server https://www.sba.world (hereinafter referred to as the Site), under the terms of which the User uses information and services provided by the Site. In the texts and letters of the Site following rules are called " Conditions of Use ".


  1. Duties of the user


By accessing, visiting, or making use of this Site, you accept the present “Conditions of Use”

1.1. Do not be fooled by other users or the site administration.

1.2. Do not create multiple accounts on the Site, if in fact they belong to the same employer or a private person.

1.3. Do not knowingly post false or poor quality information.

1.4. Do not use words typed in all capital letters, if they are not abbreviations.

1.5. Do not post ads offering jobs in areas such as: earnings in the Internet, e-mail processing, carrying out mass e-mailing, network marketing, require material investments, gambling, erotic and occult services.

1.6. Post job only in the city in which the employee will actually work.

1.7. Not to publish several identical or differing only in the title or summary positions.

1.8. In the headline of resume and vacancies avoid repetition of words.

1.9. Title and description of the job not to post information more than about one post.

1.10. Do not use the Site for distribution of promotional materials, in Vol. H. Not to publish under the guise of job or summary of the proposal to create a third-party site, service announcements selection work or personnel, partnership and cooperation.

1.11. Not to publish insults, obscene statements, and other materials that are harmful to the Company or third parties.

1.12. Do not place on the site information that may relate to the collection and storage of personal data of other users.

1.13. name of the company to publish without the quotation marks, brackets and other symbols, starting it with the title.

1.14. Select categories solely in accordance with the title theme. If you want to resume your job or add an accessory to a certain subject category, specify the accessory right in the resume or job title.

1.15. The contents of jobs did not publish requirements for gender, age and other discriminatory requirements for candidates.

1.16. User agrees that it is solely responsible for the information published on the Site, including compliance with its legal requirements, copyright compliance, authorized use of the names of firms, the use of logos, trademarks for goods and services (trademarks) and also for the rights of third parties in connection with the placement of information on the Site. In the case of receipt of claims from third parties relating to the content posted by users, the User agrees to own and at their own expense to settle these claims.

1.17. User agrees to use the Site in accordance with this agreement, as well as current and applicable laws in this area.


  1. Limitation of liability


The Company is not liable for:

2.1. For the content published by Users.

2.2. For causing harm and any other damages that may arise using the Site.



  1. Administration Rights


Website reserves the right to:

3.1. Modify the Site at its own discretion.

3.2. Change the value and services, the timing of their actions.

3.3. Edit or delete materials published by the User on the Site, if they do not comply with the terms of this Agreement, are harmful to the Company or third parties, as well as in its sole discretion, without giving any reason.

3.4. Used for its purpose the content published by the User on the Site, and are publicly available, in particular, for posting on the partner sites.

3.5. Amend this Agreement unilaterally. A user is notified of the changed conditions of the Agreement from the date of publication of the amended version of this Agreement on the Site www.sba.world/term-condition


  1. Privacy policy

Using the Site implies full and unconditional acceptance of the User with this Privacy Policy and its objectives set out in the terms and processing of his personal data.

4.1. The user of the Site, placing CV and/or other data on the Site and/or by sending a resume and/or other similar emails to the company and/or other Users of the Site, hereby gives LLC “Successful Booking Agency”, registered at Ukraine, Kharkov, pl. Zakhysnykiv Ukrainy, 7/8 of. 13, as well as to third parties who have access to this Site, its unconditional consent to the processing of their personal data (which are contained in its CV, messages and/or other information collected and/or posted on the Site and/or sent to other Users of the Site.

4.2. Processing of personal data includes any act and/or a set of actions that are associated with the collection, recording, accumulation, storage, adaptation, alteration, renovation, use and distribution (sale, transfer), deleting any personal data of the User to ensure the operation of services of the Site.

4.3. Amount of Personal Data of the User, with respect to which processing is performed, which may be included in the database of personal data (including the database of personal data of CV) is defined as any information about the user (which is placed in its CV, and/or other data collected and/or posted on the site and/or the letters sent with it), which will be known to LLC “Successful Booking Agency”, as well as any third party using the Site.

4.4. User Consent to the processing of personal data does not require from LLC “Successful Booking Agency” further notice to transfer his/her personal data to third parties in accordance with the norms of Art. 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".

4.5. By accepting this agreement, the User confirms that he understood his rights determined by the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data», as well as the purpose of the collection, storage and processing of his personal data. The User also agrees that the deadline for the processing of personal data is of indefinite duration.

4.6. At any time, the User can change (update, supplement) his personal information or any part thereof (except for the main photo and name), as well as the parameters of their privacy by using the function edit and configure access to personal information, as well as demand from the company to edit his account or completely delete all the personal data of database Site.

4.7. The purpose of the collection, storage and processing of personal data is to provide User personalized services of the Site, including: access to your personal profile, authorization, a reminder password, publication and sending CV and/or job vacancies, targeting advertising materials, communication with the User, including sending notifications, requests and information concerning the use of the Site, services, processing of User’s requests, as well as other services of the Site.


      5. Payment and settlement procedure

5.1. The service is provided in terms of full prepayment of its cost according to the invoice submitted. The provision of services means adding services to an account on www.sba.world and enabling the User to activate them in special section.

5.2. The invoice and the Act of rendered services are issued by the Company in electronic form, signed with an electronic digital signature and sent to the User.

5.3. The User shall send the Act of Services with digital signature within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of the Act. In the event that within a specified deadline the User does not send a signed Act or a reasoned refusal to sign it, the services provided by the Company are deemed to be accepted.

5.4. The act of provided services and the registration of tax invoices are made out and provided the User only in the event of payment for services to the Company's account, without the use of payment systems (Visa и MasterCard).

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