Access to the CV database

We give an opportunity to absolutely everyone to find the right employee and we provide the widest possible choice of candidates.  Our objective and mission is to ensure that every person can find an employee for a few hours: in the morning, start looking through candidates and already at lunchtime make choice and have an interview, and by the evening sign a contract.

Assistance in processing visa documents (visa support)

A law firm that is responsible for all our legal issues, paperwork, contracting and resolving conflict resolution is among the top 5 law firms in Ukraine. We can provide support in visa application of any complexity.

Organization of the rehearsal process

Do you have in plan to create a show in Ukraine? We can organize the whole rehearsal process for you. We will find a place to stay for all artists (flat, apartment, hostel or hotel) for the most comfortable price for you. We will pick up the rehearsal room and book a time for rehearsals. We will meet each participant at the station or at the airport and take them to the place of residence. We can also arrange tailoring, adjusting costumes or measuring all parameters of the artist. We will also take care of all the little things that take a lot of time so that you can engage in the creation of the show and not worry about all the organizational issues.

Exclusive terms of cooperation

We are always interested in development and cooperation with good companies or agencies (possibly young, but with experience from 2 years). We are ready to conclude exclusive rights to cooperate with one company in one country and work only with this company if the number of performing artists from the SBA is not less than 600 people a year. We are ready to offer exclusive conditions for the payment of our services, as well as all support and advertising from our side for the fullest possible development of the company and enhance the reputation of your company. You can look at examples of our successful collaborations with other companies and an example of the exclusive conditions of the partnership agreement.

Artist’s (Applicant’s) verification

You found an excellent employee, discussed the ideal for you to terms of the contract, appropriate time frame but cannot find a single review from his previous job? Our experts will conduct a qualitative testing and analysis of your candidate. We will find everything out about all his previous jobs, which companies he has collaborated with, also learn about all the reviews and recommendations of other artists, agents and agencies from his country. Also, our lawyers will help to conclude a formal employment contract with the candidate to have a legal effect. After our analysis, you will have all the necessary information about the employee and you can safely make a decision: to start cooperation or continue the search.

Personal Assistant 24/7

To make the most productive and fast work with artists, you need to know a number of subtleties and specifics of working in this field. You can also work with all the artists and employees of the hotel industry who are on our website. We are also sure that after starting negotiations with artists, you and artists will have many questions   you do not have answers for: visa support, the official legal signing of the contract, the purchase of tickets, the purchase of tickets for the train or bus (because not all artists from large cities), the registration of additional baggage, etc. Also, you might want to personally come and hold the casting- a personal assistant will take care of its organization. Perhaps you are already in Ukraine and you need help. Maybe you already have a few artists in mind and you want us to interview them and select the best for you? Then you definitely need a personal assistant from the SBA, who will be available 24/7. Make your life easier and the process of finding artists as well!

Banner advertising on the site

You can advertise on our site about the recruitment of artists / hotel staff or other employees, casting,   opening a new agency / branch, holding a competition or about other events and events related to the field of work abroad. Since the number of site visitors is growing every day, we will provide you with all the latest statistics for the last weeks and months of our resource. The cost depends on the number of advertisements, the priority of impressions, the total duration and the presence of similar advertisements at that moment.

To be in the TOP of vacancies

To make your vacancy more notable and remained among the first, order the service “TOP vacancy” and get 3-7 times more views. Your vacancy will also be highlighted and marked in color to make more applicants pay attention to it.

Selection of workers "turnkey"

We will be happy to select any artists, hotel staff, a full-fledged team or band for you. Based on your requirements, wishes, conditions and other requests, we will find the most suitable candidates for you. Ifit is necessary, we will help you to conduct an interview, sign contracts with approved applicants, help arrange all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa and escort everyone to the airport before departure. We will also provide guarantees for candidates and in case of an employee’s refusal to work, we will replace it for free

Creating a show "turnkey"

We will take part in the creation of an Exclusive show for you with great pleasure. We will select for you musicians, dancers, circus artists and any other performers based on your requirements, wishes, conditions and other requests. We will find the most suitable choreographers and stage directors, designers and costumers for you. If necessary, we will help you to hold a casting, sign contracts with artists, arrange all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa and escort everyone to the airport before departure

Casting or interviewing

Are you planning a large selection of workers and want to conduct a live interview with everyone personally? We will do all the routine work for you. We will set the location, organize logistics, call the candidates, provide managers with all printed materials and necessary equipment. We will be happy to meet you at the airport and bring to the casting site or to the hotel

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