Access to the jobs database

We give an opportunity to absolutely everyone to find the right job and we provide the widest possible choice of vacancies.  Our objective and mission is to ensure that every person can find a job for a few hours: in the morning, start looking through vacancies and already at lunchtime make choice and have an interview, and by the evening sign a contract.

Assistance in processing visa documents (visa support)

A law firm that is responsible for all our legal issues, paperwork, contracting and resolving conflict resolution is among the top 5 law firms in Ukraine. We can provide support in visa application of any complexity.

Non-conviction certificate (translation into any language and notarization)

We will make for you a non-conviction certificate as soon as possible (from 1 day). We can also translate the non-conviction certificate into any language and notarized it by all claims of the foreign Embassy. The price depends on the country of residence and citizenship.

Employer’s verification

You found an excellent employer, discussed the ideal for you to terms of the contract, appropriate time frame but cannot find a single review from his previous job? Our experts will conduct a qualitative testing and analysis of your Employer. We will find everything out about all his previous jobs, which companies he has collaborated with, also learn about all the reviews and recommendations of other artists, agents and agencies from his country. Also, our lawyers will help to conclude a formal employment contract with the Employer to have a legal effect. After our analysis, you will have all the necessary information about the employer and you can safely make a decision: to start cooperation or continue the search.

To be in the TOP of CV To make your CV more notable and remained among the first, order the service “TOP CV” and get 3-7 times more views. Your CV will also be highlighted and marked in color to make more applicants pay attention to it. Selection of job offers "turnkey"

We will be happy to select a suitable job offer for you, based on your CV, taking into account all your wishes regarding the job and country. We will provide you with the most suitable offers, help you to cope with an interview, sign contracts, process the necessary documents for obtaining a visa and escort you to the airport before departure. We also guarantee the professionalism of employers we cooperate with

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