Working as animator is a simple first step towards a new life!

28 Oct 20181093 views

It is possible to dream endlessly of "bright future", sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on your favorite couch, to imagine - "what if ...", but you can act right now. There is not much time left until the start of the holiday  and vacations season. And now we need to be concerned about how to spend this time with benefits.

The perfect opportunity to relax and at the same time receive the salary offered by SBA for young, energetic, eager to change the people. In our time, the hotel industry is one of the most promising and rapidly developing. Therefore, specialists in this field are in demand everywhere. 

For example, animators. Young, strong, cheerful, they sparkle with love of life and infect everyone around. The goal of all hoteliers is to make tourists' holidays bright and memorable for a long time.  The impression of the guests about rest in general depends on animator and later affects the rating of the hotel.

And it is not necessaryto be specially trained for animatorship.  Your charisma, energy, desire to work and develop mean  lot here.

Usually the animator's working day lasts 8-10 hours, and starts with morning exercises and communication with guests. Here is an approximate animator's working day:


  • 8.00  – breakfast;
  • 10.00 – 10.30  morning exercises;
  • 10.45 –11.30   darts, table tennis;
  • 11.40—12.20  aqua aerobics;
  • 12.20—13.00  beach games: volleyball, football;
  • 13.00—15.00  rest.


  • 15.00  – 16.00 communication with guests, table tennis, billiards;
  • 16.00—16.45  lesson of the Oriental, Latin dance;
  • 16.45—19.00  aqua aerobics, beach games.


  • 19.30 – invitation of guests to evening events;
  • 20.00  – mini-disco for children;
  • 21.00 – evening show.

Of course, every day can not be a copy of the previous one. Therefore, animators make up scripts, invent new ways that would captivate the guests, helping them to relax and forget about their problems and complexes.

✓ Guys and Girls from 18 to 32 years are invited to work as animators. There are no special and hard requirements, but knowledge of English as it is used in conversation, sports and dance skills - are welcome.

It’s always difficult to change your destiny or, at least, to take the first steps in a new goal. But those who decided on such a step, rediscovers the world. And SBA will gladly help you with this.

28 Oct 20181093 views
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