About us

SBA.World is a modern unique website that concentrate all (!) the information regarding working abroad in the entertainment and hotel industry. Currently, we are developing a website, and in the future these will be new applications, bots and many other services. We want our service to be not one “of”, but the best. That is why we are in a continuous process of learning and developing, believing in the motto- "perfection has no limits".

Our mission

To help people to be happier; to provide an opportunity to do what you love, to feel in demand and to be successful- an important component of happiness. We want to make job search abroad, the most appropriate for you, as easy and fast as possible. Every applicant can subscribe to the newsletter of current vacancies for own specialty to be always well informed and don’t miss the work of dream.


On our site you may create a competent professional CV with the help of an updated CV-designer developed by the sba.world team with practicing HR-managers. We also see service in user and customer support through moderation departments, training and development. Opening sba.world site and selecting the appropriate filters to search for a job, clicking the 'Search' button, you will see only the best offers for you. We take into account all your wishes - country, salary, experience, key skills and many other criteria.

After reviewing all job offers, choose several ones the most appropriate for you. The next step- send a request about cooperation. On the same day, you will see at least half of the responses to your requests. And you do not need to send additional information, promo- materials and so on to email or messengers because all of that we have in your profile. Then you may immediately begin to discuss directly the nuances of the offers.

We attract employers to the site and strive to solve their tasks in finding employees quickly, conveniently and efficiently. So more and more companies choose us as the main “platform” for recruiting.

Honesty- necessary condition for us. We try to avoid situations of "if" and "suddenly." We are saying things that we know 100% and do not give any unrealistic promises.

The sba.world website contains all relevant and truthful information about various recruitment companies of job placement abroad, about foreign event agencies, amusement parks, clubs, circuses and theatres, so that it would be easier for all of us to navigate and consciously make our choice.

There is nothing that could not be improved, and we are open to everything new, ready to learn, comprehend and develop.

The value of sba.world- to create opportunities! Every day, our team is working to ensure that the employer and job-seekers can find each other as soon as possible. And every meeting creates new opportunities for the company to achieve business peaks, and makes every applicant happier. The more people find work, the more companies find employees, the faster and more dynamically and better society develops, life becomes more comfortable for each of us!


The license for employment № 1502 since 10/11/2018 - https://www.msp.gov.ua/documents/4272.html

('SBA" LLC), EDRPOU 40310596

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