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Hello! My name is Bogdan and I am 22 y.o. For the first time in my life I went to work abroad and did not lose anything. I am sport animator. Everything is wonderful. Food is fine and very tasty. Accommodation- at high- level. I really appreciate SBA company's help . They are simply the best! Their managers are always available, they call just to ask "How's the day going?" and try to help in every issue. I can just tell this is the great company and they value their clients. I would like to cooperate with them for logn time.

Bogdan Kobylko - the chief of animation team

Hello everyone! I am musician, drummer. I had the opportunity to work with SBA World: Vadym Drozdovskyi and Sergey Sharko. What I can say: they are nice and pleasant people. They always reply all questions I have. Quality of their work is really high. All the terms of the contract were perfectly met. I advise this company to everybody.

Achuta Prykhodko - professional drummer and percussionist

Good afternoon! At that moment I am working as PoleDance dancer in China. I want to say thanks to SBA for the contract. I had a lot of questions, hesitation. But nevertheless I am here and I am really happy it finally happened. I am totally in love with that place and I like dancing here. Chinese people love Ukrainian music, by the way! I would like to say all of you to contact this company and work with them!

Elena Tkach - professional poledancer

I work in hotel industry in Turkey and Cyprus for 8 years. I had fortunate to meet and to get to know Vadym Drozdovskyi and SBA WORLD. I am grateful to every member of their team for well-coordinated work and high service. We have been cooperating for several years now and all together we have provided jobs to more than 2000 workers. I am happy to know that all my workers are glad to collaborate with us. The profit of my company now is 8 times higher!!! Next year , we are planning to employ 5000 people, and I am absolutely sure we will do it with SBA. Thanks to the team of professionals. Be successful with SBA.

Levent Uzer - founder and director of the company "UZER HUMAN RESOURCES"

Hello to all. My name is Igor and I am a saxophonist. I have been by contract in Dubai for a month now. According to the contract I work at the Bulgari Resort hotel. The contract is really cool. I can combine work and rest. And, most importantly, I get paid decently. Therefore, I recommend SBA for cooperation. I thank them for this contract and look forward to further cooperation.

Igor Pererodov – sax player

Hello everyone, my name is Yurii Monchak and I am an illusionist. I worked in the United Arab Emirates with the SBA company, and guess what? Everything is absolutely super-duper) It was awesome and now I am at home. I am satisfied with the contract I signed, because everything was on the highest level. I wish everyone good luck and advise working with this company) Because everything is clear, smooth, wonderful, magical!

Yurii Monchak- illusionist

Guys, I am in Iraq now. Yeah, you won't believe it) I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here, for this experience. Well, only freaks can find such freak sites. Thank you very much for the reception here, I was very pleased. I'm grateful to the agency, that took care to bring me here. Thanks to all. Happy New Year)

Taras Nadtochii - gymnast

Guys, hello everyone. Today is 09/21/2016 and we are in Dubai. We went for safari, here we work from the SBA company. Vadim, thank you very much. We are happy to be here and thank you for this opportunity. I recommend SBA)

Alina - dancer

Hello) this is my review for the SBA agency that selects artists of different genres. My name is Natalia Adamovich, I am the artist of the original genre (soap bubble show). I went on a contract to India. Now I am in the city of Surat. What can I say? I am pleased with everything. All the conditions stipulated were fulfilled. Living conditions are good, I also like it very much. Here it's cool and fun. I have a good agent. I advise this to get a new experience in India. This is a beautiful and exotic country. Good luck to everyone in your endeavors) Bye-bye)

Natalia Adamovich - the artist of the original genre (bubbles show)

Hello everyone) My name is Elena and I am a fitness instructor. I congratulate all on the 2019 year and express my deep gratitude to the SBA.WORLD for your cooperation and giving me the opportunity to work and develop by the occupation abroad! I wish you to achieve all your goals and objectives this year. And if your dream is to realize your potential abroad, then SBA.WORLD is your assistant.

Elena - fitness instructor

Our team

Vadym Drozdovskyi
General director 
Anastasiia Kushnir
Creative director
Sergey Sharko
Executive director


All truth about SBA!
It's no secret that we are a young and actively developing successful team. Lately, we have an increasing number of exclusive contracts to the TOP countries of the world. Let me remind you once again that we publish about 30% of all vacancies, due to the most of them can be closed in couple of hours, thanks to our database of artists and hotel staff. The rapid growth of SBA is a pain in the neck for a lot of people and "well-wishers" in every possible way try to "drum up hype" about us. Usually, we leave such letters without activity, because, as a rule, the authors of these fake-allegations immediately show everyone that they are cunning, they are competitors or working on them , have cosmic point of views or just mixed us up with someone else;) You may see their odd format of communication, incorrect vocabulary, unconstructive criticism, screenshots, etc. This article I dedicate to all who are looking for reliable contracts and company that will provide support and assistance to its applicants. It just so happened that the inspiration came only now) ✔ There are really not so many worthy companies that offer a really good service, reliable and trusted partner-employers, all government documents and good experience in the field of Entertainment abroad nowadays in the CIS countries. But they do exist, we will gladly share with you all our experience and recommendations on the company's data and managers. ⚠ But, for sure, everyone knows that there are many companies or agents-"scammers" who sell everyone into slavery, do not pay salaries, and generally do not comply with the terms of the contract. We heard millions of such stories, but remember who told you about them? ◆ Most of these people heard these stories from someone else, and these "someone" - from another persons and so on. "Rumour Mill". Half of them have never even been on contracts abroad, because they did not dare to go. Some artists have fallen for the bait of unfair agents due to ignorance or reluctance to "think with their heads" and "swallowed" to temptingly great conditions for working with high salaries, without having read the contract before it and not being convinced of the real existence of the agent. ✔ Therefore, my advice to US - as far as possible, meet personally with everyone (we always invite all the artits to our office), if it is impossible for you , we can talk on Skype, but never finish the business conversation and agreement on communication in social networks without documentary confirmation. ✈ If we talk about the real conditions of the contracts of 2016-17, now both the fees and the working conditions have greatly decreased in quality: jump in foreign exchange rates; normous replenishment of professional artists who want to work; interest in working abroad for artists from Europe (and they have European passports); the supply exceeds demand (employers understand this perfectly and are trying to outwit: - "If there are artists for $ 1000, then for $ 900 there will be artists too" - and believe me, there are a lot of interested people). ☑ So, if you are waiting for your "perfect" contract, have patience or luck! I think it's much wiser to go to a contract right now, for example for 1200$, to see the world, meet "useful" and "right" people, to rise your professional leve and earn money than to wait 3-6 months for a job with a salary of 1500$ and, probably, that ain't gonna happen After all, the salary is far from being the main component of conditions of the contract. ☑ Pay attention to the working condiions (schedule, time, amount of performancies, place, etc.), reliability of your employer (remember that the nerve cells cannot be restored), availability of such conditions as accomodation, food, availability and quantity of dresses, productions, extra sunlighting, charges for transfer and other details. ⚠ But still, for huge amount of people, the main factor remains reliability (which is the main principle of SBA). However, everyone evaluates the situation and makes a choice om their own. $ If you have money in the first place - you should definitely choose bigger salary and do not think about the possible consequences. ☎ Yes, working through an agency, perhaps you will have a salary a little bit lower, but not always, because TOP hotels, parks, clubs and other employers pay agency services separately because they want to get professional resumes and promos and exclude the possibility of losing their money . The agencies, in their turn, give a guarantee of quality and return of all money, in case of artist's delay to the flight or unexpected illness (we are talking about real agencies). ➣ Surely, a lot of artists work "directly", without the help of agencies. Reliable employers accept such people who already have an extensive experience in this field, confirmed by recommendations of people who the employer already knows or who the employer has already cooperated with. ▼ If you know enough information how to check the reliability of new employer or if you already have "safe places" - then work directly. But for self-search you need a lot of free time, special skills and abilities, from foreign languages to searching lawyers to sign a contract. ▼Look around, all the Internet is teeming with advertisements about work, vacancies with 3000$ salary , blacklists of employers, artists, agents and companies that are updated every day in a geometric progression. But, who is writing and publishing all this? ▼ 70%-80% - people who have never worked abroad and even do not know all the details in this field. If to take a look at their pages you may see there only bright ads with steep working conditions, odd text reviews, pictures, downloaded from the Internet but you will not find there any evidence that these contracts exist. And for most of us it seems there are a lot of job and that you may choose any vacancy to the warm country with huge salary. So, what about blacklists? Mostly posts are writen like this: " This is bad company, do not cooperate with them." I am really grateful to those altruistic persons who really publish the thruth, with attached documents and screenshots and, perhaps, it helps other artists not to fall into a trap. But, alas, there are very few such reviews. The most terrible and strange in these groups and discussions is that people even do not want to get to know all details information of thoses reviews and they do not search validation. Person just reads the review and it stores in memory, after that the conversations start from the previous paragraph: - "I've heard somewhere that this is a bad country (the company), there are bigger salaries, and there are less work there, you should not work there" you'll be conned 100%. Turn your head and dig deeper, at the very least, write, or better call the person who wrote it. And, finally, I would like to say, the choice is always yours: learn, develop, motivate, travel, earn money or lie on the couch, watching your favorite serials and reading ke reviews from unknown people) I remind you that the doors of our office are always open for everyone. Come to see us!
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Working as animator is a simple first step towards a new life!
It is possible to dream endlessly of "bright future", sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on your favorite couch, to imagine - "what if ...", but you can act right now. There is not much time left until the start of the holiday and vacations season. And now we need to be concerned about how to spend this time with benefits. The perfect opportunity to relax and at the same time receive the salary offered by SBA for young, energetic, eager to change the people. In our time, the hotel industry is one of the most promising and rapidly developing. Therefore, specialists in this field are in demand everywhere. For example, animators. Young, strong, cheerful, they sparkle with love of life and infect everyone around. The goal of all hoteliers is to make tourists' holidays bright and memorable for a long time. The impression of the guests about rest in general depends on animator and later affects the rating of the hotel. And it is not necessaryto be specially trained for animatorship. lot here. Usually the animator's working day lasts 8-10 hours, and starts with morning exercises and communication with guests. Here is an approximate animator's working day: Morning 8.00 10.00 – 10.30 10.45 –11.30 11.40—12.20 12.20—13.00 13.00—15.00 rest. Day 15.00 16.00—16.45 16.45—19.00 aqua aerobics, beach games. Evening 19.30 20.00 21.00– evening show. Of course, every day can not be a copy of the previous one. Therefore, animators make up scripts, invent new ways that would captivate the guests, helping them to relax and forget about their problems and complexes. ✓Guys and Girls from 18 to 32 years are invited to work as animators. There are no special and hard requirements, but knowledge of English as it is used in conversation, sports and dance skills - are welcome. It’s always difficult to change your destiny or, at least, to take the first steps in a new goal. But those who decided on such a step, rediscovers the world. And SBA will gladly help you with this.
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