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Our team

By creating a company the SBA, I dreamed of a strong, close-knit, friendly team. At the same time I really wanted that all people really want a bright future for the company, and were doing this all their efforts. Well, thoughts are material, and I can say with confidence that this goal I have already brought to life. Every man is an integral part of the company contributes to the common cause, creates a mood. We have a great atmosphere, we are interested not only work together, but also to communicate! On the basis of the opinion I conducted a small survey of our team, and now invite you to get acquainted with their answers!
Director of SBA, Vadim Drozdovsky

Seeing ads about the recruitment in bukingovuyu company passed the interview - no doubts. that "Success" should come with me for life.

Standing at the origins of the company's development, I held the position of staff to work with artists manager. Looking at the steps of the career ladder, I have sought only to higher and higher, and now my job - General Manager.

All hidden "Successful Booking Agency" in the name of the company, which is an integral part of our motto. We have sought and will seek only forward and only to success. This was and is our future.

First of all we must have communication skills, because we are directly communicate with our artists, and with employers. Second, that it is imperative to develop in themselves - it is stress, which will help us to develop other qualities - to overcome difficulties, to suppress negative emotions, to find an approach to absolutely everyone. And the third quality - creativity. This quote fits here like no other, "The more you try something new, the more you have a chance to stumble upon something really worthwhile."

Already having worked with artists of all genres, I can say that the individual approach to each not help you weed out those or other genres, and you can say with confidence - "I like to work with artists of any genre completely '

"Way". Starting my career, you can mark the word START. Standing at the start, I've seen the success that you want to walk, crawl, run ... it does not matter, the main thing is the goal! I intend to go on its way to this goal, as This is my "The way to success"

Definitely yes! Each team member is a person, we are all different, but there is something that unites us - we're on the same wavelength!

Belomar Vadim

Introducing now the SBA, it was not the same as in previous companies, I came to the interview. As our leader said Vadim Drozdovsky work in the SBA can realize your desires and dreams, in fact in my experience, and it happened.

The company I perform the role of a marketer, my task is to bring the company as much as possible of actors, using a variety of promotional tools, the Internet and outdoor advertising. I am sure that our company is waiting for a successful future, because we are a young and ambitious team. We work in a very fast mode, and due to this we can test many hypotheses concerning the potential involvement of actors, employers search. We are faster than others find and select for yourself those algorithms actions that bring us the maximum result.

Assign your life with marketing and advertising and to develop analytical and systemic thinking and creativity - it means to be settling marketer, because without these qualities simply can not do, especially in the online advertising, which constantly need to analyze a bunch of metrics to build algorithms promotion, writing dozens advertisements, and so on.

His profession I can describe in a word "tested" test must constantly and ceaselessly, because the more advertising channels worked, banner designs, advertisements, the greater will be the understanding which channels bring the best possible return on investment.

I like working in the SBA team, because we do not have the boring and sad people, all positive, set up for success and are ready at any time to turn off the mountains to achieve the desired results.

Konstantin Zhushman

My acquaintance with the company SBA took place in the spring of 2016, when its director, and concurrently, a good friend of mine Vadim Drozdowski, founded this great company. Closer acquaintance took place in September, when I played the role of the applicant, and flew to the contract in Dubai. (Very cool deal !!!).

Currently I work as a manager - is engaged in search of artists of all genres, and their subsequent departure to the contract.

№1 company in this field in Ukraine and the CIS, with a variety of missions around the world.

The desire to grow, to reach new heights; communicability; optimism)

Since I myself am a musician. the easiest to work with creative people. And since all people are creative (to varying degrees), work with each person in their own interest)

Generalist. Job manager for SBA involves not only communication with diametrically different people (which already implies a knowledge of psychology bases, ability to analyze the human), and a basic knowledge of execution of various documents to work abroad, the constant analysis of the market.

Of course I like! This work is very close to me in my primary profession musician, and I really like the excellent team led c Big Boss:)

Sergey Sharco